Quality management
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Advanced Equipment
1. The new type of Strip casting furnace was obtained to make sure the stability of the products
2. Totally enclosed forming presser can avoid our products contact the air
3. The company has various inspection instruments including:Magnetometer,bake furnace,magnetic flux instrument,gauss meter.
Advanced Producing Process
The semi-finished products are produced in an enclosed nitrogen environment to ensure the stability and performance of our products.
Stringent Working & Management system
1. The inspection will be planned in every working process.
2. Every batch has a unique process flow card to ensure the traceability of erery product.
3. The working and operation processes are posted on erery machine.
4. A special routing inspection personnel is arranged in daily working process.
1. The company has experienced personnel in erery working process
2. The company has a professional engineer in production process.
3. An efficient management team was built in the company
1. 14 National patents for utility models
2. ISO9001:2008 Management System Certification
3. ISO/TS16949:2009 Management System Certification
4. Growing Star Prize